KW Fireside Gathering 21 for Hearthstone

KW Fireside Gathering #21

Thanks to all that came out for our twenty-first Fireside Gathering to play the current month Fireside Brawl! There were 20 people in attendance, but of course more are always welcome! A special thanks to my volunteer assistants for their generous help to make our Fireside Gatherings run smoothly. Most importantly, thanks for your participation and support!

The current Fireside Brawl was 9 pre-made decks, one for each undead hero from the latest expansion. There were three Fireside Brawl quest sheets that each had 3 challenges to complete. Each completed Fireside Brawl quest sheet put the player name into the prize draw held at the end of the evening, so the more sheets completed, multiple times allowed, the more changes to win a prize.


The random draw from those that had completed the quest sheets resulted in Ultraadam64 and Gamaray (who was well enough to join our Fireside Gathering right after leaving a hospital stay) winning their choice of prize from the large prize table featuring mostly Hearthstone items from the Blizzard store.

Partway through the evening, some random door prize draws were held where the winners picked their choice from small prize table featuring interesting locally crafted items related to Hearthstone. Items chosen were a Hero Standee, a FunkoPop Murloc, and a Crochet Hearthstone Hat.

Event Photos

KW Fireside Gathering #21

The Mana & Mettle Tavern welcomes one and all to our upcoming KW Fireside Gathering! Meet new players and have a great time!

The main activity of this event will be the Fireside Brawl for August. There will be handouts of our Fireside Brawl quest sheets which will be used to enter your name into the prize draw for each completed sheet. Please note: Your device (laptop, tablet, phone) must have location awareness enabled for Hearthstone to detect that you are present at the Mana and Mettle Tavern via cellular data plan or our free WiFi service in order to access the Fireside Brawl.

If you need to earn the Fireside Gathering cardback or just want to play casual games for fun, simply challenge someone in the Nearby Players list or the Fireside Players list if they aren't busy.

We also have interesting little Tavern Quests you can work on to collect tokens which can be redeemed for a nice reward, and be sure to sign our Guest Log book.

Date:August 24th, 2017
Time:7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location:Tannery Building, 2nd Floor via stairs (elevator can be arranged)
Age:15+ (persons under 18 require a signed document)
Cost:Please consider bringing a donation (suggest $3 - $5 cash only) to help offset event costs.
Agenda:At the reception table, please write your name or Battlenet id on a nametag sticker then head in a get settled. The Innkeeper will provide any additional info at the start of the event. Have a great time!
Refreshments:There will be some snacks and drinks available for modest cash sale (please bring change and small bills). You are also welcome to bring your own, but please note this is an alcohol-free venue.
Parking:Limited free parking is in front of building off Charles Street, and some of the construction in the rear parking area is done so there is a fair amount of parking available in the Lot C or D at rear of building on Joseph Street. You can also try to get a spot at the side of the building on Francis street or Joseph street as they are not used outside business hours.

Remember to bring your friends! All are welcome at the events whether a brand new beginner or a seasoned player!

If you have any questions, please contact