KW Fireside Gathering 35 for Hearthstone

KW Fireside Gathering #35

Thanks to all that came out for our thirty-fifth Fireside Gathering at a more casual summer venue The Watchtower to play the current month Fireside Brawl! Our thanks to the establishment owners Cameron and Devin, and the wonderful staff Brooke and Myles for providing the excellent food and drinks. Thanks also to Innkeeper Devin Wilson for making the event run smoothly.

Fireside Brawl and Prizes

This month's Fireside Brawl was called Top 3! Some patrons also had fun completing our new Witchwood Boss Challenge quiz where they had to try and identify the hero power or special ability from the flavor text that appears in the game just before you battle a boss. There were 2 large prize draws done for items acquired from the Blizzard store, and 8 medium prize draws at the end of the evening for interesting artisan crafted items related to Hearthstone. Congratulations to the lucky prize winners!

Event Photos

22Aug2018: Fireside Gathering Event (new venue!!!)

We welcome one and all to come out and have a great time with the August Fireside Brawl, unlocking the Nemsy Warlock hero portrait, completing Tavern Quests, trying your luck in the prize draws, and other rousing Hearthstone-related activities.

There will be handouts of the event activities and our Tavern Quest sheet. Please note: Your device (laptop, tablet, phone) must have location awareness enabled for Hearthstone to detect that you are present at the Mana and Mettle Tavern via cellular data plan or our free WiFi service in order to access the Fireside Brawl.

If you need to earn the Fireside Gathering cardback or just want to play casual games for fun, simply challenge someone in the Nearby Players list or the Fireside Players list if they aren't busy. We also have interesting little Tavern Quests you can work on to collect tokens which can be redeemed for a nice reward, and be sure to sign our Guest Log book!

Date:Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018
Time:7:00pm - 10:00pm
Location:The Watchtower Restaurant, 280 Lester St, Unit #105, Waterloo - Phone: 519-954-2264
Age:13+ (persons under 18 require a signed document)
Cost:Please consider making an optional cash-only donation (suggest $3 - $5) to help offset event costs.
Agenda:At the reception table, please write your name or BattleTag on a nametag sticker then head in to a table and get settled. The Innkeeper will provide any additional info at the start of the event. Hav e a great time!
Refreshments:There are food and beverage items (including alcohol) available from the menu, please no outside food or drinks.
Parking:There is parking on the nearby streets.

Remember to bring your friends! All are welcome at the events whether a brand new beginner or a seasoned player! We have prepared some handout sheets. Printed copies will also be available at the Fireside Gathering.

     New Player Guide and Checklist

Remember to bring your friends! All are welcome at the events whether a brand new beginner or a seasoned player!