KW Fireside Gathering 9 for Hearthstone

KW Fireside Gathering #9

Thanks to all that came out for our ninth Fireside Gathering despite the road construction and summer holiday season! There were about 15 people in attendance which is great, but of course more are always welcome! A special thanks to my volunteer assistants for their generous help to make our Fireside Gatherings run smoothly. A special thanks to Paul who was awarded a Hearthstone pin for his assistance over the past few events, thanks for your participation and support!

Prizes for Competitive Bracket

For this event we had one competitive bracket which was 16-slot with Standard decks, best 2 out of 3, Conquest format, with 1 Hero ban. A prize was awarded to the bracket winner.

The competitive bracket winner, DangerBoy, was was able to pick a prize item after defeating JBeardless in a well-fought battle that we watched on the wall projector and had an interesting final round due to the Armorsmith card that was in play. Honourable mentions go to SeanJOB and CRANK.

Event Photos

"Oops! We were unable to start a game for you."

The event is still on even if the game launching problem is not fixed yet. There is loot from the prize pack to give away via random draw, I have an interesting annoucement, and there are still things we could do like a trivia game or something. See you there!

Midsummer Fireside Festival!

Blizzard has generously provided another prize pack for our upcoming event to celebrate the Midsummer Festival! Be sure to get your numbered name badge at the reception desk to be part of the free random drawing! Good luck and enjoy the loot, but no Loot Hoarders (corrupted or otherwise - sorry you may not roll Need) please, so each prize winner does the next random draw until all the giveaways are won! We will start the drawing at 6:30pm. Congratulations to all who won a random prize!

Date:Thursday, July 14, 2016
Time:6:00pm - 8:30pm (try to arrive before 6:00pm, competitive brackets start at 6:15pm)
Location:Tannery Building, 3rd Floor via elevator (151 Charles St. West, Kitchener)
Age:15+ (persons under 18 require a signed document)
Cost:Cash Donation to cover event costs (suggest $3 - $5)
Agenda:At entrance, please choose a nametag with mana crystals that indicates your Hearthstone experience and write your name/gamerid. There will be three groups to choose from based on your experience and desired type of gameplay.
 Introduction: We will provide a checklist of how to get started, from creating your free Blizzard Battle.Net account, working through the tutorials, to unlocking all 9 hero classes, and your first few games against human opponents.
 General Gameplay: For those that have been playing the game a while and would like to gain the Fireside Gathering cardback or just play games for fun.
 Competitive Gameplay: We will have a large bracket in STANDARD format. To ensure more people have a chance to win prizes, there can also be two 8-slot brackets limited to players with an average online rank of 10 or lower (i.e. 10 to 25): one in STANDARD and one in WILD. Please sign up in an available slot on the whiteboard charts. WILD matches allow decks with any cards. STANDARD matches require decks with only cards in the current calendar year and the last calendar year. To help ensure a winner by the end of the night, each match win will be the best 2 out of 3 games and after a game win you must switch to a different new Hero not yet used in that match. The bracket winners will be rewarded with an item of Hearthstone merchandise from the prize table.
Refreshments:There will be some snacks and drinks available for modest cash sale (please bring change and small bills). You are also welcome to bring your own, but please note this is an alcohol-free venue.
Parking:Limited free parking is in front of building off Charles Street, lots of free parking in the gravel Lot C or D at rear of building on Joseph Street. No permits are required after hours, so there will be no parking tickets.

We are limiting the age of attendees to 15+, however all persons under the age of 18 are expected to act in a mature manner and MUST have the legal document provided below signed by their parent/guardian which covers all events. Printed copies will also be available at the Fireside Gathering, but are still required to be filled out and signed.
     Release and Agreement for Minors

We have prepared a handout sheet for each of the 3 groups of people as guidelines: a new player sheet, a casual play sheet, and a competitive bracket sheet. Printed copies will also be available at the Fireside Gathering.
     Introduction Guide and Checklist
     Casual Play Guide
     Competitive Bracket Guide

Prizes for Competitive Bracket

A prize will be awarded to the bracket winners, who will be able to pick from some official Blizzard Hearthstone merchandise we have purchased. In the future we will likely add Hearthstone t-shirts and other items. We are checking with Blizzard about the possibility of card pack keycodes being provided by them for awarding as a prize or simply a random draw for any lucky attendee to win. Prize choices are currently a $10-$15 value: a Blizzard hat, an Arena Key bottle opener, one glass from the WoW Brewfest Pint Glass collection, or necklace with pendant. As the gatherings grow in size, or if people want to pay a competition entry fee, we can offer larger prizes.

Remember to bring your friends! All are welcome at the events whether a brand new beginner or a seasoned player!

If you have any questions, please contact