KW Fireside - Tavern vs Tavern Hearthstone Tournament

Tavern vs Tavern Hearthstone Tournament

To Battle! Blizzard is running a Tavern vs Tavern tournament where local Fireside Gathering Taverns across Canada and USA will compete with the top 2 teams travelling to California (travel and accommodation covered by Blizzard) for a final live match at Blizzcon 2017!

Blizzard has structured the tournament which will include up to 80 Tavern Teams (each team is 3 people) into three stages of competition:
* Stage 1 is a round-robin (5 groups of 16) with outcome of top 16
* Stage 2 is a single-elimination with outcome of top 2
* Stage 3 is a live grand finale match at Blizzcon 2017, also with laptop prizes awarded to all 6 players

Team Member Requirements ** important **

Players wishing to be on the team(s) to represent our Mana and Mettle Tavern need to be aware of some requirements set forth by Blizzard. Please read through this list and kindly do not apply to be on the team if you are unable to meet these requirements and would cause our team to be disqualified:
* You must be a legal resident of Canada or the United States.
* You may be required to provide proof to Blizzard of your country of residence with valid government-issued photo identification.
* Your account used to participate in the tournament must be in the North America region.
* You need to possess, or be sure that you can obtain (i.e. there is no situation where your passport application would be denied), a valid passport to enter the USA before November 1st.
* You must be available Saturday Sept 9th for the initial tournament.
* If your team qualifies for the second stage, you must be available Saturday October 7th for the playoff tournament.
* If your team qualifies for final stage, you must be available for travel and attendance at Blizzcon in Anaheim California, at least Thursday November 2nd for travel, 3rd and 4th for conference, and Sunday November 5th for return travel, possibly additional days.
* If you are 13 years of age or older as of August 7th, 2017 but under 18, your parent/guardian must also meet the above requirements and must cover their own travel costs.

Full official rules are at

Team Tryouts

My goal is to give people as much time as possible to get used to new meta but get our registration sent to Blizzard before the deadline. Also, I want the selection process to be fair, unbiased, and result in selecting our best current players that have the highest chance of success. Therefore, I will take a few samples (see below) and use your highest ladder rank from those samples in case you are online playing during the tryout period and your ladder rank fluctuates.

I am holding tryouts for the team on Sunday evening 27Aug2017 ending at midnight. You will need to submit the form below and also ensure that KWfireside#1709 is added as your friend.

At 9:00pm, 10:00pm, 11:00pm, 11:15pm, 11:30pm, 11:45pm, and 12:00 midnight (Eastern time) I will be logged in as KWfireside#1709 and will do a screenshot of the current ladder rank of anyone on the friends list that is logged in at those times. Out of all the screenshots, the highest ladder ranking players that have also signed up below will be used to fill the team member positions.

The top 3 players will form the first team. The 4th highest player will be given the choice to be a standby for the first team or (assuming enough people tryout) be a member of the second team. At any point, if someone on the team of 3 is sick or unable to fulfil their obligations, they will have forfeited their position, and the standby person will take over that position until the end of the tournament including winning a laptop and free travel to Blizzcon if that team is in the final top 2. If the fourth highest player chooses not to be the standby then they will be on the second team and the 5th highest person will be the standby for the first team. If enough people signed up in the tryouts, then a second team will be formed with the same process and same standby choice given to the 8th highest player. And the process will be repeated until there are not enough people to form a team.

Tavern Team Signup for Tryouts
Full Real Name:
Email Address:

Note: BattleTag is your account as shown in the social menu within Hearthstone, for example KWfireside#1709

If you have any questions, please contact